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Dell Precision 17 7780 Mobile Workstation


Power your passion with ultimate precision with the Dell Precision 17 7780 Mobile Workstation. Experience uninterrupted innovation with the powerful capabilities of the up to 13th Gen Intel Core i9 HX (55W) processors, offering a formidable 24 cores (8P + 16E). Ensure that every detail stands out with the NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation Graphics, boasting up to 16 GB of GDDR6 memory. Stay cool, composed, and productive as you optimise performance through advanced thermals, featuring dual opposing output fans and user-selectable thermal tables. No idea is too grand with the confidence of storing your work securely, thanks to the expansive storage capacity of up to 16TB and the support of up to 128GB of DDR5 memory. This innovative system empowers you to push the boundaries of creativity and productivity without limitations. Facilitate seamless collaboration with the FHD IR camera, ensuring clear video and screen quality, along with the added features of presence detection and an ambient light sensor. Enjoy effortless creation with a spacious clickpad, button-free design, and an optional backlit, spill-resistant keyboard. Sustain continuous productivity with the extended battery life option and a compact power adapter, keeping your creative momentum flowing. Prioritise your well-being with the thoughtful inclusion of ComfortView Plus, an always-on, built-in low blue light screen that reduces potentially harmful blue light emissions without compromising colour quality. This 17.3-inch design focuses on creating a workspace that supports both productivity and the well-being of the user.



Maximize your workspace

17.3”, 16:9 aspect ratio display gives you exceptional screen real estate.


Scalable performance

Ready for VR/AR, AI/ML workloads.


Visually stunning

Up to UHD 120Hz, 500 nit, 99% DCI-P3.


Professional graphics

NVIDIA® RTX™ 5000 Ada Generation, 16 GB, GDDR6.


Performance and efficiency cores

Up to 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9, 24 (8P+16E) cores.


Advanced thermals

Keep your system running cool and quietly for extended periods of time with User Selectable Thermal Tables, DOO fans and heat pipes.


Put power behind your purpose

Innovate without interruption:

Up to 13th Gen Intel® CoreTM i9 HX (55W) processors, 24 core (8P +16E).

Make everything stand out:

NVIDIA® RTX™ 5000 Ada Generation, 16 GB, GDDR6.

Stay cool, calm and productive:

Optimise performance with advanced thermals featuring dual opposing output fans and user selectable thermal tables.

No idea is too big:

Store your work confidently with up to 16TB of storage and up to 128GB of DDR5 memory.


Exceptional user experience for every workstyle

Collaborate Seamlessly:The FHD IR camera deliver seamless video and screen clarity. Includes a presence detection and ambient light sensor option.

Create with ease: Work on a large clickpad (no buttons) and backlit, spill-resistant keyboard.

Fuel continuous productivity: Keep your creativity flowing with the long lifecycle battery option and smaller power adapter.

Communicate with clarity: "Waves MaxxAudio Pro" reduces background noise, while optimising your voice.

Scale storage seamlessly:Optional quick access door on the bottom of the chassis provides access to removeable M.2 SSD storage.

Stream at lightening speeds: Supports up to Intel® Wi-Fi 6/6E (up to 6GHZ) AX211 2x2 with Bluetooth Wireless (where supported), so you can enjoy superior speeds and smooth streaming.

Designed with wellness in mind: ComfortView Plus—an always-on, built-in low blue light screen—reduces potentially harmful blue light emissions without compromising colour.



Dell Trusted Devices are a secure foundation for the modern mobile workforce. Our comprehensive family of endpoint security solutions work together to secure the device both above and below the OS, giving IT confidence and enabling end users to remain productive.

Precision 7780 Workstation

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