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Our investigation services exist to support businesses, NGOs, and persons who have been engaged, or identify suspicious activities, received proposals from anonymous sources, and may feel that their business or livelihood is at risk.


We can also help with missing person cases and will work closely with you or any law enforcement agencies to support. Our specialists can travel and are highly capable. 

Benefits of investigations:

Enables you to ensure that your business is safe from suspicious groups or proxies.

Allows you as a person to prevent risks to yourself and gather the necessary evidence for court. Prevent personifications and information theft, financial losses, and other serious cases. 

As an NGO you might have come across serious organised crime activities and may not know who to trust perhaps because of the country or fears of corruption.

Speak with us, no case is the same and we will always respect your privacy. We will never share any cases with third parties unless explicitly agreed upon or matters of a joint operation (e.g rescuing a child, missing person search and rescue, where a person might be in a dangerous country and needs to be found then brought to the airport or counter terrorism).

We avoid government investigation requests unless it is in line with counter terrorism.

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