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Anti - Corruption Policy

Guiding Principles

At K Enterprises, our integrity is non-negotiable – we do not tolerate bribery of any kind – and we will not knowingly facilitate any other party’s corrupt conduct.
We will never trade our integrity for a business opportunity. We believe it is important that public officials spend public money based on the merits of the deal, not for personal interests and this includes any NGO projects and government projects within our shared ESG ambitions.

We do not bribe. We never offer, promise, give or accept money or anything of value to or from any person to improperly obtain or retain business, secure an improper advantage, or otherwise influence them to act improperly.
In addition, we do not allow third parties to bribe on our behalf and any impersonation of working for K Enterprises or being affiliated with K Enterprises without a formal contract or having a contract, and be in suspicion of being involved in any forms of bribery will be subject to legal actions. We never use third parties to take actions that we cannot otherwise take ourselves and only work in collaboration on specific agreeable projects whilst respecting any confidentiality clauses. We also do not ignore “red flags” that indicate that a third party may make illegal payments or engage in corrupt behaviour on K Enterprises behalf. We do not engage in activities that create the appearance of impropriety.

We report on our progress with the UNGC.​

We comply with local laws and any due diligence for compliance. This Policy sets a global, minimum standard and provides the underlying principles to help our members, partners, customers, and directors uphold our anti-corruption commitment. 

We observe a higher standard of conduct when dealing with public sector officials and private sector customers.

A public sector official may include any officer or employee of a public sector entity or quasi-public sector entity or any department, agency, or public international organisation, any person acting in an official capacity for, or on behalf of, any such public sector entity or quasi-public entity or any department, agency or public international organization, members of the royal family, and candidates for a political office.

Any members, partners, or customers with knowledge or suspicion of any violations of this Policy must report these concerns with K Enterprises and we will ensure that all relevant actions are taken to address any concerns or activities. For scenarios and additional guidance on recognising circumstances suggesting a risk of bribery, kickbacks or other improper conduct, please contact us via

For all our consultants, members, and directors, you must not provide or promise to provide anything of value to a third party to improperly influence a decision on their part. You may provide or accept gifts, meals, travel, entertainment and other items of value only when appropriate. You must never solicit any item of value from any third party.

We thank you for supporting our shared vision and our anti-corruption policy. We look forward to fostering a fruitful relationship with you as partners, teams, and customers.

K Enterprises

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